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Destination Weddings - Why Choose Me

Congrats, you’re engaged! If you’re reading this, you’ve probably already fallen down the wedding planning hole looking for ideas, events, themes, venues and everything else that comes with planning the big day.

I’m going to throw another idea into the mix - a destination wedding. Sun, sea, sand, a far-flung exotic destination where everything just looks and feels wonderful.

Most couples choose a destination wedding to have that idyllic backdrop to their big day. Some may choose it to be closer to family and others, just because they want some fun in the sun with their nearest and dearest and who can blame them?

Whether you are a groom, bride, family, friend or even a supplier, the energy at a destination wedding is just amazing. Guests are immersing themselves in a different culture as well as your special day and the weather always helps to put a smile on faces. All of this makes the photographic scope a little different. The feelings are all the same, but the backdrop creates a whole manner of wonderful potential.

I’ve been lucky to have travelled to some amazing locations including Paris, Bern, Copenhagen, Paphos, Goa, Cascais and more and while I have enjoyed every single destination, I’m there as a photographer, to capture every single magical memory for you.

Why choose me over a local photographer?


A destination wedding has all the same ingredients as a local one, but a lot more variables and opportunities too. I have over 10-years of experience in the industry so I know exactly what to expect at a destination wedding. I’ve pretty much experienced every eventuality so you can be assured that you’re in the most experienced hands when working with A Kreative Image.

Fresh ideas

Unlike local photographers who would already be used to the surroundings and perhaps stick to the same shots they have used before, I’d put in that extra effort to be creative and offer a different type of vision to fit in with my style of photography.

After the big day

The great thing about booking me is that you’ll have me on the other end of the phone and in the same time zone before and after the wedding. We’d have plenty of time to meet, get to know each other and chat through ideas before the wedding day. I’ve heard horror stories of clients not being able to get in touch with their photographer after they’ve been paid and long delays. All this makes for unnecessary stress after the wedding.

Upfront and direct information

When dealing with a wedding planner, hotel or 'package' there are often hidden costs that you’re not always aware of. Sometimes you wouldn’t even know who your photographer was until the day. By booking independent, you choose to control which photographer, style, package, hours required and the bonus of building a necessary rapport with your photographer.


Selecting a destination photographer is a big decision especially as your photographer will be by your side the entire time. A local photographer may be cheaper, but could they do what I do? Take a look at my portfolio below…

Photography: A Kreative Image

Coming Up Next Time: Our First Wedding of 2021 with these two lovely couple!



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