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The Tails of Thor

2020 was a year like no other. COVID-19 shut down the world and impacted many businesses and events. Most of the weddings I had booked were cancelled or had to be significantly downsized. I took this opportunity to restart my doorstep photo sessions for families, which is actually how I got started in the industry.

I’ve known Trish for around seven years and reconnected when I bumped into her and her husband Jason at their friend's wedding - Anj & Ilesh.

I received a call from her a few months later. She told me they were getting a dog and asked if I could photograph him. I wasted no time saying yes for two reasons; I was excited to pick up the camera and get back to doing what I love and, it would be my first pet shoot.

Wanting to do more than just take pictures, I managed to squeeze in a few questions during the shoot. Enjoy and prepare yourself for cuteness overload from this energetic, loving and playful pup!

If you or somebody you know, would like have a doorstep shoot with us for only £100, get in touch with us!

Why did you decide on getting a puppy?

Jason: After six years of Trish asking, “Can we get a dog?” I finally caved in. Since I said yes, I thought, 'I might as well get on board and get in on the decision-making.' Haha!

Trish: Having had dogs previously, I always knew we’d get one, but the timing was always the key factor. 2020 and the pandemic made that decision somewhat easier - we were working from home and not going anywhere. There was plenty of time for us (ME) to look after the dog. Kidding aside, we were both all in!

What breed is Thor?

Thor is a Cavapoochon. His mum Bella is a Cavachon and his dad is a miniature Poodle.

How did you know, he was…the one?

Trish: There are so many things to think about when looking for a dog. Size, temperament, size, activity level and, my most important thing of all - malting (shedding of hair). We settled on the Cavapoochon breed for their teddy bear looks and charm, good nature and hypoallergenic qualities, meaning not finding dog hair everywhere. Result!

Why the name Thor?

Jason: We’re both Marvel fans. I finally managed to get Trish interested in Marvel but I grew up watching all Marvel TV shows and films. However, as much as I liked Thor because it's short and snappy and refers to the God of Thunder, I think Trish liked it because Chris Hemsworth played Thor in the Marvel Cinematic Universe films.

Describe Thor in three words?

Jason: Spoilt (by his mum), cheeky and floofy.

Trisha: Gorgeous, mischievous and affectionate.

How has he adapted to his new life?

Jason: He loves being with his 'pack'. I’m the leader, of course, then Thor, then Trish. He is well-loved and truly, ridiculously spoilt. You only need to go on Thor's Instagram page (the_tails_of_thor) which has over 4,000 followers to see how well he is treated. Way better than I am. He has his own luxury bed, bandanas, collars, harnesses, leads, what seems like an infinite amount of toys, loves taking our blankets and sleeping on them and just can’t keep away from us.

Why did you want to have the shoot?

Jason: After having a dog while living with her parents, Trish longed for a dog of her own after we got married. Once we had him we were both smitten, and Trish wanted to commemorate the new addition to our family by way of a photo shoot. That’s where you came in and we were extremely pleased with what we got.

Trisha: 2020 was a hard year, but I wanted to take away the positives from it. 2020 was the year of Thor for me and I wanted a memory I could keep forever. Anit certainly delivered on this, and we have some amazing pictures that we will keep forever.

How has life been since the arrival of Thor?

Jason: Life has definitely changed. Dogs are not easy. The first few weeks were intense. Sleep and toilet training was difficult but by the second week or so, Thor managed to let us know by sitting by the back door when he needed to go out. We’ve had a couple of accidents whilst he was still learning, but that’s expected.

Trisha: He’s definitely made our house a home. He makes you want to switch off after work and he always welcomes me with a lot of cuddles and kisses. I wouldn’t change him or his cheeky personality for the world. There is a quote which I think sums up having Thor in our lives, "Dogs have a way of finding the people who need them, and filling an emptiness we didn’t even know we had." Yes, it’s tiring sometimes and it feels like you don’t get a minute, but he’s brought so much energy into our lives. It’s brought us closer as a couple and has given us plenty of distraction during lockdown.

Photographer: A Kreative Image

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