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The Proposal

We recently revamped our website and with it have added a brand spanking new blog section. Here, we’ll be showcasing a variety of events that we’ve shot, moments that we’ve captured and had the pleasure of being part of.

Our latest event was a first for us - a surprise proposal for Ruchika & Arun.

Rewind almost 10 years ago when I’d worked on a birthday party for the Malhan family organised by their grandkids.

The eldest, Aleena had hired me to document the party after she'd seen some of our work. Since then, I’ve worked on a couple of events for the family. Aleena, herself got married in 2015 and hired the AK team - this just goes to show how much faith she had in our work.

Her younger brother, Arun contacted me in November 2020. I immediately thought it was for another family event they were planning.

I was pleasantly surprised that he was actually going to propose to his long-term girlfriend, Ruchika and wanted me to be part of the special event.

I was honoured. I’d literally seen Arun grow from a young boy into a young man and now he was taking his next step towards a life-long commitment with the love of his life.

Arun had picked the gorgeous grounds of Heckfield Place, Hampshire to propose.

Having never been before, Arun had sent me photos and videos of where he wanted to propose and I loved how much attention to detail had gone into his planning. Turns out, Heckfield Place is a Georgian family home that has been restored into a luxury hotel and makes a beautiful backdrop for any event.

Fast forward to the day. I had arrived early to ensure I wasn’t seen by my couple.

They had checked in and were ready to ‘take a stroll’ around the grounds to explore the beautiful landscape.

I stood away discreetly and saw Ruchika navigate her way down some small stairs. I heard her say how she felt she was going down the rabbit hole and that’s when I knew... it was showtime!

Ruchika, started to take photos of the lovely lake and I captured Arun, nervously, take out the proposal ring box. As every man does, he knelt down, facing her back ready to catch her as she turned towards him and as she did, she gasped and her emotions took over.

Needless to say, she wasn’t expecting a proposal - surprised and shocked, Arun asked, “Will you marry me?” Her reply, “Yes” while she teared up with joy.

I gave them both some time to just soak up the atmosphere and amazing moment before having the honour to congratulate them first. Once they came down from their initial high, it was time to do what I came for…a photo shoot.

Here’s a preview of their special moment.

Couple: Ruchika & Arun

Photographer: A Kreative Image

Coming Up Next Time: The Tails Of Thor!



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