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Our First Wedding of 2021 - Sunita & Sachin

2021 - Will this year be the year for all couples to get married after a massive and upsetting setback from 2020?

Well our bride & groom - Was not letting the pandemic get the best of their plans of being together!

My first wedding of 2021, could not have been any more awesome that having the pleasure of being of Sunita & Sachin's wedding celebrations. I had an opportunity of spending some time with the couple regarding their wedding, have a read!

How and when did you meet?

Sachin & I met through mutual friends at an under 18s summer jam party back in 2010!

Being friends first was great but we always knew we liked each other more then that, in January 2011 we finally made it official and became boyfriend and girlfriend, yes we are childhood sweethearts!

How did you both feel on your wedding day?

There were mixed emotions from feeling excited to feeling it still being unreal that the day finally came! we were both nervous but also sooo happy and delighted that the day we had been planning (for what seemed like years because covid got in the way) which, obviously caused so many set backs... but in the end every little bit was worth it as it was the BEST feeling and day we could have ever imaged with our nearest and dearest with us.

Sunita - Describe your makeup artist's in a few words

I have always wondered how I would look on my wedding, my hair make up and how it was all going to come together. On my wedding day as every girl dream is to feel like a princess, I felt exactly that!

Meera made me feel so relaxed and was in her element. She knew exactly what she was doing I had all my trust she would give me my perfect look and she did just that!

For my civil wedding I had Chandni she always makes me feel so comfortable and excited I loved my look she had created that day, honestly can say all my princess dreams turned to reality that week!

how did you choose your dress?

I went to india with my dad to do my wedding shopping! I tried on so many different lengas non of them stood out to me or felt right, untill I walked into one shop and seen this one hanging there I looked at dad and we both knew it was the one! Somthing totally different, at first I was worried as it wasn’t traditional red, but my dad said to me stand out always and be different, unique, and when I tired it on I just loved it and knew then this was the one!

What are your memories of walking down the aisle and the ceremony?

When I was walking down the aisle I was so excited I just wanted to run to the mandap! (But Obvz had to do the slow sophisticated walk) I just couldn’t wait for Sachin to see me! It was all emotional too seeing my parents waiting in the mandap to give me away but the best feeling of knowing I was walking towards a new journey in life.

Sachin - what was going through your mind when you first saw the Sunita?

OMG I could not get my words out! When I seen Sunita I said “you look nice” and my mum told me off and said I should have chosen better words haha but I was literally speechless! – In my head I said to myself, Wow I am So lucky that am marrying the most beautiful, fun, loving and caring lady in the world!

were u surprised by how your family organised your entrance?

I have always wanted to have a grand entrance for my wedding but since we was having a small covid wedding with just 15 guests I had accepted it wasn’t going to happen! So it was the best surprised being picked up by a Rolls Royce to take me to my venue. But then to be greeted by my best friends when I got there was an amazing

Feeling that they got to be there and be apart of my big day.

Seeing the horse wow that just topped it all off. It all dressed in Indian attire and trotting along with my friends holding coloured flames, my family dancing along to the dhol players to the entrance and then being welcomed by Sunita’s family where we all just danced in the sun to the live outdoor entertainment which Rupesh made happen, it was the absolute best entrance I could have ever imaged and most fun!! Well done to my mum for organising it!

What is the most favourite and memorable part of the big day?

The whole day from start to finish was amazing. Our favourite was when the antarpath cloth dropped and we both seen each other for the first time, we waited so long for that moment, we was just so happy!

Another memorable part for us was seeing all our grandparents there, so full of joy and happiness watching us get married, the day they have all been waiting to see. We feel so blessed to have had them all be there which just made it all more special.

Why did you choose Anit from A Kreative Image?

From the moment we met Anit at a previous wedding, we knew we wanted to hire him. Anit always made us feel comfortable! He felt more like a friend where we could just have a joke and laugh with him which made the events more relaxed for us all, not just us but our families felt comfortable too as he got everyone involved, and made effort to get to know our family not just us as the bride and groom, which means a lot to us!

From our photo shoot, civil and Indian wedding day photos, Anit was so accommodating to our requirements even became our special wedding chauffeur when our wedding car tire burst at the civil day!

What’s the one thing that’s stands out from Anit?

His creativity and ideas - He is amazing created some beautiful photos that our family and friends love! I was abit worried about one the locations we were at(Abbey Park, Leicester) as other places were closed, but as Anit said trust him and I did and wow he worked his magic!

He always goes the extra mile, even on the mendhi himself and Shyam made us mini video which was just amazing!!!! So talented!

The main thing that stood out for us was that Anit knew exactly what he was doing during the wedding and was very well organised, my mum was very much relieved and thankful to him as it helped us along the way to run the day smoothly!

He got along with all the family and Always made sure that no one was left out of the photos even Sachins grandfather who is in wheelchair he supported by carrying him on to the mandap whilst he sat in his wheelchair, that was the highlight of Sachins grandfathers day to sit next to us on the mandap and feel involved!

We can’t thank Anit & Shyam enough for capturing the biggest week of our lives and making our memories last forever with the most beautiful photos and Videos.

Photography: A Kreative Image

Venue: @mahercentre

Catering: Milan dosa

Decor/Mandap: @Bhandanevents - Mandaps and decor / @solitaire_occasions

Car Hire: @driveninluxury

Outfit: Raas - Mumbai

Jewellery: @Ritualsjewellery

MUA: @ISHMpro - Wedding / @Makeupbychandni - civil and mendhi

Mendhi: @mendhimin

Dhol Players: @dholplayersbandbaja

Wedding Music: @djrupz



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